The Kindergarten Awards


My daughter, Olivia, had a Kindergarten Awards Ceremony this morning and she was so excited for it.  She'd been reminding me about it for the last two weeks (and of course, planning her outfit, too).  Her teacher had sent an invitation home to the parents so I knew it was a big deal for her that we all be there.

When we got to her school, it looked like it was a school-wide program to show recognition to all the students for their achievements in the previous year. All the parents were flocking to the classrooms to attend the different ceremonies. Olivia's classroom started their ceremony with the school song and then her teacher gave out awards to the students.

I wish I could tell you that the best part was seeing Olivia win all these great awards; personal development, principal's award, honor roll all 4 quarters and, my favorite, accelerated reader (that's my girl!).

The best part was seeing how much love this teacher had for all of his students- he showed his emotions while presenting the kids with their awards and it was so endearing.  As a parent, there's no greater feeling than to know that your child's teacher (or anyone who interacts with your child, for that matter) truly loves his or her job and cares for their students.  The love he had for them was only overshadowed by the adoration they all had for him as their teacher.  Given the option to leave after the ceremony or to stay and hang out with their classmates for the remainder of the day, all of the students stayed behind.  My heart sang.  I'm so grateful that Olivia's kindergarten experience, especially it being her first year in Florida, was such a great one. 



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