#TBT: Pirate Cruise Birthday

Since moving to Florida over a year ago (I can't believe it's been a year), I'd heard about these pirate cruises for kids and knew that I wanted to go on one with the girls.  So, when it was time to plan something to do for Julia's 3rd birthday, I thought, "Let's be pirates for the day!"

The pirate cruise lasts about an hour and a half and goes around the Gulf of Mexico.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  There wasn't a cloud in sight and while I was busy doing pirate mom duties, I was in awe of the weather, the water and the beautiful boats passing us by.  Also, the fact that it was mid-February and I was on a boat in 80 degree weather was amazing to me. That's the New Yorker in me...

The girls took a bit to warm up but once the music started playing, they were all in.  I even tried dressing them up for the cruise but they agreed to just the pirate vests and bandannas (which they ended up tossing mid-cruise).

If you're in the Fort Myers Beach area and are interested in a pirate cruise, check out Salty Sam's.  They even have adult pirate cruises, too!