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How To Build Momentum

Angelica SeredaComment
How To Build Momentum

I'm excited to say that I feel like I've started the year off with a bang.  I spent some quality time with my oldest daughter before she headed back to school from break, tied up some loose ends around the house and saw some projects that I was working on come into fruition.  Like most people during this time, I'm feeling energized, determined and excited for the year ahead.  But, I know myself.  And I know that soon, the new year won't be a novelty any more and that feeling of excitement and motivation will die off.  My goal is to hold onto the momentum I'm experiencing now so I don't sink into the usual habits; procrastination, doubt and laziness.  Here are some things I'm working on to gain even more momentum:


Get Moving

 Anything that is going to gain speed needs to start moving, right?  So, it would also make sense for us to take the initiative and get moving ourselves.  People who start their days by exercising and being active tend to report being more productive, efficient and motivated throughout the day.  It's hard not to feel momentous after having a good workout.  Try starting your mornings with some exercise.  I've been increasingly active lately and it's directly affected my productivity, creativity and irritability (or lack thereof). I've been hitting the gym as much as I can and even do quick workouts at home to break up my day.


Take One Action  

Personal development gurus and business executives like to advise that you need to take action when you're feeling stuck.  Any action towards your goal will propel your momentum. Stop thinking, and overthinking, then thinking some more.  Being proactive and doing one thing towards your goals or to-do list will build your momentum.  Make the call, write the email, do the research.

Be Engaged

Building momentum into anything you're doing is easy when you're totally engaged in what it is that you're doing.  The ultimate sign of being engaged in your work is what I like to call "the flow."  For example, when I write and start pouring out content, it's a flow of creativity that is taking over and it makes it very easy for me to feel engaged with my work.  Unfortunately, we can't always wait for inspiration to get started if we want to build momentum.  Create your own engagement by eliminating your distractions, giving yourself a realistic block of time to get something done and getting yourself into a state of flow.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Too often we underestimate the importance of surrounding ourselves with like-minded people.  How much momentum would you have if you share your ideas with those around you and they shut you down or if your friends aren't people you can draw any inspiration from?  Probably not much.  If we truly want to build momentum and move forward we need to look to those around us who are doing the same.  The people we are closest to should have the qualities of someone that we would like to emulate.  If you're not finding motivation in those around you, look for ways to meet new people.  Find a meetup group, a mastermind or a local club where you can meet people who are aspiring to do similar things as you and can keep you motivated.



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