Angelica Sereda

How To Be A Decision Maker

Angelica Sereda
How To Be A Decision Maker

I've noticed that the top earners in my network aren't always the smartest or the people with the most skills.  Sure, passion is definitely at the top of that list but another key factor that all leaders must have is the ability to be great decision-makers.

Being a decision maker is key to getting ahead both professionally and personally but not everyone has sharpened these skills. It takes practice and a little listening to your inner voice. Here are 5 tips for developing your decision-making skills:

Stop Procrastinating  

You have a difficult decision to make.  Own it.  Leaders don't tiptoe around making difficult decisions, on the contrary, they thrive on the challenge.  The next time you're confronted with a tough decision, challenge yourself to face it, right away, instead of avoiding it or acting passive-aggressive about it.

Weigh The Pros and Cons  

When making a tough choice consider the pros and cons of each situation.  Make a list if it helps but be aware that some factors will hold more weight than others.  For example, if you're deciding on whether to accept two different job offers, you may find that option 1 offers more pros from your list but option 2 offers the one thing that was at the top of your priority list, say the location you want to be in or more challenging work.

Consider The Big Picture  

Take a step back and think about the end goal when considering your decision.  What was it that you were aiming for at the beginning of your decision-making process? Your decisions should be in line with your ultimate goals.  If a decision is taking you away from the big picture you've envisioned for yourself, it may be time to reconsider or see how you can decide on a solution that promotes your goals.

Forgo Perfection  

Done is better than perfect.  Sometimes we don't get a sign or that gut feeling when it comes to big decisions in life.  We have to make the best decision with the information we have and be confident that it is the right choice. Great decision makers make a decision and stick to it.  Second guessing yourself will only diminish your power and authority.