4 Ways To Incorporate Simple Living Into Your Lifestyle

Simple living has a different meaning and value to each and every person. For some, it means eliminating the negative out of your life. For others, it means living simply by spending less than you make, or figuring out what is important to you in your life and only doing those things. No matter what simple living means to you, there are easy-to-follow steps for getting there.

Living simply has a lot to do with getting rid of the things that we don’t need in our lives, in order to actually enjoy our time with the people we love. It means getting rid of stress, negativity, and drama and instead, focusing on the things that bring us joy.

Incorporating simple living into your lifestyle is not an overnight process, though. Once you decide that you have had enough with the stressors in your life, it may be time to begin your transition into a simple lifestyle, but to do so, you need to figure out what a simple lifestyle means to you. Although like I mentioned, living a simple life looks different to each person, here are a few ways that you might want to consider incorporating into your life in order to live a simple life:

Reduce Debt

If I could only give you one tip in this entire article, it would probably be to reduce your debt because debt and money issues in general have the potential to cause so much stress in your life. This can be hard, but you need to find small ways to make it easier for yourself. For example, maybe stop eating out as much. I get it - it’s so very easy to spend $5 here and there on your beloved Starbucks or McDonalds, but is it worth the debt you are creating for yourself? If you didn’t know, the average American spends close to $3,000 each year, just from eating out. If you could take that $3,000 and put it towards your debt, I bet it would reduce a lot of your stress. 

Let Go

My second tip for you is to let go. Let go of your stress, your negativity, and your hate. Instead, I want you to foster a sense of joy, happiness, and love. Spread it all around you. I know that you might be wondering how spreading joy and love has anything to do with living simply, but your mindset and how you feel about life, in general, really does play a roll into your overall lifestyle + health and wellbeing. If you are holding on to negative feelings, you will never truly feel like you are living simply and you will never truly be 100% happy.


Find A Smaller House

Living in a smaller house is the perfect example of living a simple lifestyle (in terms of ‘stuff’) because you need less of everything. Less furniture, less of a house payment, less of your money going towards property taxes and utilities, and of course, less upkeep, as well (depending on the house, of course). Do you really need all of the house you are currently living in? Do you use all of the space? If I had to guess, you probably do not. That’s why I always say that a good step in simple living is to really look at the house you are living in and figure out if you can live in a smaller one. Sometimes, this is not possible (especially during your childbearing ages) and this is okay! But, if you can, maybe consider going house hunting to look for what you actually need, instead of what you currently have, or what you think you “want.”

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Last but not least, decluttering will always help you simplify your life because when you have less stuff, it significantly reduces your stress. It is easy to manage your home, you do not lose things as much, and you have less to do within your home. 

Do you have any other tips to live a simpler life?