Lighting Solutions with Irvin Lights

Lighting Solutions with Irvin Lights

Last Christmas, my family and I went to an amazing light festival to kick off the holiday season. Before I get into this post, which talks about this cool company I found, let me give you a quick recap of the festival and why it got me thinking about lighting of all things. 

For a couple of years, it had been on my “Christmas bucket list” to go to a local Christmas festival. I love anything that will get my family into the Christmas spirit, and I thought that this was the perfect thing to do just that! It worked, and my daughter even wore wintery clothes, even though we are in Florida and had great weather for the festival. As we arrived at the festival, we were greeted by a “real” unicorn with pink hair. We saw some performances of Disney songs, including the ever-popular Let It Go, and ended the night eating dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Overall, the festival was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season and seeing the whole town getting into the holiday spirit kicked our own Christmas spirit into high gear.

One thing that I mentioned about the festival was the lighting. Seeing all of the Christmas lights is one of my favorite parts about the holiday season, but over the years, I’ve thought about how much energy these beautiful lights must be using. All of the lights in the area at the festival really got my brain working again, and I just had to research all about lighting solutions - especially when it comes to how much energy large companies use for their outdoor lighting solutions and how they get bright lighting solutions in the most rural locations. I mean there has to be electricity somewhere, right? There is! Let me introduce you to Irvin, Inc. But first, let’s talk about specific lighting solutions:

First of all, what is an LED? According to Irvin, Inc., LED is the common abbreviation for a light-emitting diode. Each individual LED consists of a semiconductor diode that emits light when a voltage is applied to it. The electronics industry has used LED technology for several decades as indicator lights for various electronic devices. In more recent years, LED technology has progressed to the point where it is viable for general lighting applications. Please check the following website for more information. LED lighting is often superior when it comes to color. So, if you are using whites, they will be whiter. If you are using blues, it will be even bluer. This brings advertisement color intensity to a whole new level. Last but not least, LEDs have a longer life and there is less maintenance cost.


Another option when it comes to lighting is solar lighting, which answers my second question of how do they get lighting out to the most rural of locations. Solar lighting is perfect for rural locations where there is no power and running lines would not be economically feasible. Another great aspect of solar lighting is the fact that it is green, sustainable, and it offers a quick return on investment.

So, how in the world do businesses know where to get LED and solar lighting solutions from? My guess is that most of them go to the lighting and billboard supply company, Irvin, Inc., which is based out of Florida. “Irvin, Inc. (Irvin) has been a trusted leader in billboard supplies for more than two decades. Irvin expanded its lines in recent years to include LED and solar lighting. In 2017, Irvin furthered its industry footprint by partnering with Lightking Outdoor to offer the industry’s most revolutionary, high resolution LED billboards and displays. Such alliances set Irvin apart, as the company takes time to aggressively pursue the continued introduction of the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market. Irvin collaborates with outdoor companies, sign shops, independent electrical contractors and other related enterprises to take their businesses to the next level.” Irvin, Inc. is committed to empowering their clients with the tools and information necessary to make sound lighting decisions while providing the industry’s most reliable options and service.