Christmas List: Daughter Edition

I’m not big on asking my kids what they want for Christmas. I decided long ago I didn’t want to give the girls free reign on writing out a “wish list.” I have my own hangups on what the Christmas season is about and never wanted to have the girls get caught up with gifts. But, after friends and family constantly asking what they want for Christmas, I gave in. Surprisingly, (or not) once we asked them to jot down some ideas, it turns out they had already put together a list. So with the help of Amazon, here are some of the items that made their Christmas wishlist:

Sketch Books

Olivia and Julia have been watching a bunch of YouTube tutorials on drawing (and I’m so glad because I will never be able to teach them how to draw) and asked for sketch pads. Santa will be gifting them with these cool Melissa and Doug Sketch Pads.

Not Without My Coffee- Melissa and Doug.jpg

Pretend play purse

Lucy loves to take my bags, sunglasses and keys and pretend she’s heading out the door, “like Mommy” so I when I saw this I thought it would be the perfect gift for her. It even has a little red lipstick, which she will love.

Not Without My Coffee- Click-N-Play.jpg

Dyson Ball Vacuum (With Real Suction And Sounds)

I came across this recently and immediately knew that I wanted to get it for the girls. They have a Minnie Mouse one home that the two little ones play with all the time but what’s better than REAL? And, I’m also getting a little help around the house so… add to cart!

Not Without My Coffee- Christmas Wish List.jpg

Nerf Rebelle FocusFire Crossbow

I started browsing some toys so that when Tomas is playing with the girls he’s not always coloring, reading about princesses or painting nails. I came across this Nerf crossbow toy and thought they would be fun.

Not Without My Coffee- Nerf Rebelle.jpg

Kidkraft white vintage play kitchen

The girls have been asking to get a kitchen for awhile now but I’ve been picky on choosing the right one because they are so big and I don’t want an eye-sore in the kitchen or living room. I love the simplicity of this one and I can’t wait to play with the girls in it.

Not Without My Coffee- KidKraft White Vintage Play Kitchen.jpg

Melissa & doug 12-piece brew and serve wooden coffee maker set

I’m a big fan of Melissa & Doug’s wooden toys and when I saw this little coffee set, I knew I had to get it for their play kitchen. I imagine my girls serving me up a lot of coffee in the coming months.

Not Without My Coffe- Melissa & Doug 12-Piece Wooden Coffee Set.jpg

melissa & doug slice and bake wooden cookie play food set

Our pretend coffee will be much more enjoyable with some pretend cookies.

Not Without My Coffee- Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Wooden Cookie Play Food Set.jpg

washable makeup set with glitter case

When she’s not busy sneaking into my makeup, Olivia is constantly asking us to buy her her own. The girls all love to dress up and playing with makeup is a part of their pretend play. I love how simple this one is and that it comes in a glitter case.

Not Without My Coffee- Washable Makeup Set.jpg