4 Things That Shouldn't Cost A Fortune During Your Pregnancy

4 Things That Shouldn't Cost A Fortune During Your Pregnancy

This is a guest post by Emily Graham from Mighty Moms.

Did you recently find out that you’re expecting? Congratulations! You must be feeling a whirlwind of emotions right now. If that positive pregnancy test has you seeing nothing but dollar signs, though, you need to pause and take a deep breath. Yes, raising children can be super expensive, but preparing for your pregnancy really doesn’t have to be. While there are some things you should definitely splurge on while pregnant (like healthy foods), there are other things you can easily save on, such as the following: 

Your Gender Reveal

If you pay attention to social media, you know that gender reveals can be pretty over the top these days. You should also know, however, that you can get creative with your gender reveal and potentially save hundreds of dollars in the process. As Kindred Bravely suggests, wear some cute, custom-made statement shirts, or invite a photographer over for an artsy social media photo session. Seriously, you don’t need something elaborate to announce your baby’s gender. You can even hold off on knowing if it’s a girl or boy, since there are some perks to being surprised by the sex of your baby. In this case, you can still express your joy of pregnancy of taking baby bump pics and sharing them with loved ones. Do what’s best for you!

Your Breast Pump 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best breast pump to make feeding your new baby and relieving discomfort easier. Some pumps save you time by allowing you to pump both breasts at once, while others allow you to take pumping on the go by using batteries. Whichever features you need in a breast pump, know that you may be able to use health insurance to cover the costs of picking up a new pump. Current regulations require providers to cover all costs associated with breastfeeding essentials, which includes breast pumps. Check with your insurance to see what steps you need to take before considering buying a pump on your own. 

Your Maternity Clothes

Thinking about all of the cute maternity outfits you can put together over the next nine months? If you’re crafty, you can pull off maternity looks with style (and comfort), but that doesn’t have to mean pulling out your wallet for a brand new wardrobe. Just go look in your closet and pull out pieces that have a lot of stretch and flow, and then add cute accessories and comfy shoes for some serious maternity style. If you do find yourself longing for new clothes, check out budget-friendly stores that offer maternity clothes you will actually want to wear at prices your budget will love. Oh, and be prepared to pick up some new shoes as well. Swollen feet are common during pregnancy, so you may need a different style or size to stay comfy. 

Your Baby’s Clothing & Shoes 

Shopping for adorable baby outfits is seriously one of the many joys of being pregnant. One search on Pinterest and you will be ready to spend a small fortune on dressing your little one in style. Here’s the thing about baby clothes, though: Your baby will outgrow them quickly! So instead of picking up new clothes your baby may not even get the chance to wear, consider buying used instead. Thrift stores can be great places to shop for used babywear, but you should be able to find local shops dedicated to secondhand clothes, shoes and accessories for budget-wise parents. When you simply can’t resist picking up those tiny trainers brand new, be sure to look for discounts and coupons to help save you money. 

There’s no reason you have to blow your budget on pregnancy prep. True, some expenses are unavoidable, but you can easily find ways to save on all of those little costs that tend to add up. The tips above should help, but also do some homework on your own—there are tons of ideas out there to help parents-to-be maximize their budget! 

How did you save (or plan to save money) during your pregnancy?

Photo Credit: Unsplash