The Never-Ending Weekend

With a family of five, it's hard to get in some me time and prioritize my own self care but I'm getting better at putting myself on the list. One thing I look forward to during the weekend is Sunday morning; I get to "sleep in" (8 am if I'm lucky), have a huge cup of coffee and climb back into bed and catch up on some of my favorite blogs or get creative and do some writing. It's become my sacred "me" time and I love it.

Lately, right before I head out to pick up the girls from school and daycare I like to have my afternoon coffee, sit at my computer and write.  The afternoons have always been my peak productive time and it's when I feel the most energetic and creative.  I love this time of day where I can steal a few quiet moments before the house gets full of noise and I'm in total Mom mode.  I'm prioritizing this little self-care ritual everyday, not just the weekends and it's making me a much happier and less stressed out mom.

I created this graphic with the help of True & Co. who reminds us to feel amazing everyday with their line of intimate apparel created to fit all of us.  Whether your idea of the perfect weekend is going on an adventurous trip, brunch with friends or a quiet meal at home, True & Co. inspires women to be comfortable in their own skin.


The Never Ending Weekend-Pinterest Graphic.png