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Four Special Things About The Day You Were Born

Angelica SeredaComment
Four Special Things About The Day You Were Born


Dear Julia,

Last week we celebrated your 4th birthday and while running around making sure I made your birthday truly special, I started thinking about your actual Birth Day.  On the day you were born I woke up feeling different.  I was uncomfortable (more than usual since sciatica plagued me throughout this pregnancy) and I felt very off.  I thought maybe it will be the day you would be born.  And it was.  I spent the morning in a child’s yoga pose because it was the most comforting position I could get into.  The rest of the day was full of contractions that were all over the place and unpredictable but still,  despite a doctor who kept telling me it wasn't time, I knew you would be here soon. I learned to trust my body and my (motherly) intuition.

When we got to the hospital, there was no parking so your father parked in front of a garage. There was a sign that clearly read, "No Parking.  Violators Will Be Towed."  Of course, he parked there anyway, increasing my level of anxiety.  Our car did not get towed.  You may be wondering why that's worth mentioning but if you ever find yourself living in New York when you're older, you'll realize how truly special that really is.

We spent Valentine’s Day in the hospital but your daddy brought us flowers, balloons and my fave- a slice of red velvet cake.  I remember the three of lying down on the hospital bed.  Your daddy held you while I ate cake. It was a snowy, winter night.  Everything was perfect.

On the day you were born your grandmother came to the hospital with your big sister.  Olivia was so excited to meet you that as soon as she got to the room she ran over to the bed to meet you for the first time. That was the moment you met your best friend.  She brought you a Minnie Mouse plush doll.  It was a small Minnie and she had the bigger Minnie because, she was “the big sister.”  I thought it was so cute and knew I would treasure those two dolls forever.

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