12 Days of Holiday Self-Care

12 Days of Holiday Self-Care

This is the time of year when everyone is running around trying to do things for other people- those special people in our lives, and while that's definitely the spirit of the season, sometimes we can neglect ourselves and become worn down.  This holiday season, take some-extra care of yourself with these tips on how to show yourself some love:

Take a bath or hot shower.  Indulge with bath bombs.

Read a book you recently added to your wishlist.  This was my most recent read and it was a good one!

Cook yourself a healthy, filling meal.

Listen to some relaxing music- try instrumentals.

Write a letter to someone that you've been meaning to talk to.  Get it off your chest.  You don't have to send it.

Do some holiday crafts you've been meaning to try or a new DIY project.  Don't pressure yourself to make it Pinterest-perfect.

Pamper yourself with a holiday manicure-pedicure.

Get a new haircut.

Go for a run or walk in nature and listen to a motivational podcast.

Stop negative self-talk.

Practice gratitude.

Get some real, quality alone time.