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5 Ways To Make Overnight Guests Feel At Home

Angelica SeredaComment
5 Ways To Make Overnight Guests Feel At Home

In the next few weeks we'll be getting our home ready for some out-of-town guests and I'm excited to open our home to friends.  We all want our homes to look extra great when we have guests but there are a few things I like to do to make my guests not only feel welcomed, but comfortable too.  

Offer a Drink and a Snack  

Your guests may have traveled (and possibly ate bad airplane food) and are most likely hungry.  Coming to a home, people will expect to feel a little catered to.  Offer them a drink, some tea, water and some snacks or a meal that you've prepared.

Leave Out Fresh Towels  

Guests are likely to want to freshen up, especially if they've had a long day of travel. Leave some fresh towels out for them so they don't have to look through your linen closet.  Wayfair has a huge selection of household items to make your home inviting.  These cotton bath towels are a customer favorite and are currently on sale.

Keep Guest Room Clean 

It goes without saying that the room your guests are staying in should be clean. Be sure the room has clean linens, is free of dust and the floors are clean.

Have a Basket of Goodies 

Whenever I have guests I like to make sure they have everything they need.  Nothing is worst than needing something after your host has gone off to bed.  I try to gather a few things they might need like pain reliever, a phone charger and even some chocolates to satisfy a late-night sweets craving.

Show Them Around the Town  

Your guests will likely want to get out and explore.  Come up with a handful of places they might enjoy, like restaurants, a new attraction or maybe even some local shopping.  

How do you make your guests feel at home when they come to visit?


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